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Glossary and Explanatory Notes

The following is an explanation of abbreviations that may appear in the weekly lists.

Appeals and other cases apart from those under Section 37 of the 2000 Planning Act.

PSAcquisition of a Protected Structure under section 73 (4)
EISEnvironmental Impact Statement
RLQuestions referred to under section 5 of the 2000 Act as to what in any particular case, is or is not development or exempted development.
RDThe conditions may provide that points of detail relating to a grant of permission may be agreed between the planning authority and the person to whom the permission is granted and that in default of agreement the matter may be referred to the Board for determination, under section 34 (5) of the 2000 Act
QNAppeals against acquisition notices under section 45 (3) of the 2000 Act
LCAppeals in relation to licences for placing of structures or appliances on the public road under section 254 (6) (a) of the 2000 Act
STAppeals in relation to removal/alteration of structures under section 46(6) of the 2000 Act
VCAppeals against revocation notices under section 44 (6) of the 2000 Act
WYAppeals against creation of public right of way – section 207 of the 2000 Act
DUAppeals against discontinuance of use notices under section 46 (6) of the 2000 Act
LVApplication for leave to appeal under section 37 (6)
EAExemption for the requirement of an EIS by the applicant under section 172 (3)
QCControl of quarries under section 261
SPAppeal relating to structures or other land in an area of special planning control under section 88 (5)
ZDAppealing the draft planning scheme in Strategic Development Zone under section 169 (6)
RHSocial and Affordable housing dispute referral under section 96 (5)
Other cases
FSAppeals in relation to fire safety certificate under section 7 of the Building Control Act, 1990
RDAppeals in relation to applications for relaxation of or dispensation from requirements of the Building Regulations
WWAppeals in relation to licences to discharge effluent to waters – section 6 of the Local Government (Water Pollution) Act, 1990
WSAppeals in relation to licences to discharge effluent to sewers – section 15 of the Local Government (Water Pollution) Act, 1990
APAppeals under section 34 of the Air Pollution Act, 1987

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